Tuesday, November 11, 2008

TWD: Kugelhopf

This is another Tuesdays with Dorie post, I must say I quite enjoy baking these days and I discover new recipes which I have never heard of in my life before. Last week I baked first time Rugelach and this week I baked first time Kugelhopf.

This week's recipe was chosen by Yolanda from The All Purpose Girl. You can find the recipe here or from the book on pages 61-63.

According to Dorie, Kugelhopf is half cake and half bread, to me it reminded a bit doughnut though, not bad if you like doughnuts and I do :).

This time, surprise surprise, I didn't half the recipe :)!

My version: I am lazy person and didn't even use mixer for mixing the dough like Dorie suggested to do. I mixed all ingredients together using wooden spoon and I also didn't dissolve yeast in milk. Basically I approached to the dough like it's regular pizza dough :).

My dough rose pretty well though, and it remained this way even after taking out of oven but I didn't use any foil to cover it, so no reason to open oven door either. I baked my Kugelhopf in 180 C degree oven about 25 minutes and that was pretty enough.

I used first time in my life silicon pan and I was very pleasantly surprised, I tend to prefer firm metal pans but silicon was great, I might even consider buying some more silicon dishes in future.


Eunice said...

Mmmm. I had a big donut too! it does look very pretty, but I suppose dissolving the yeast and whipping the dough hard on would make it rise higher!

I *think*.

Nonetheless, it looks good! I have been having a ball with all these new recipes too!

Amanda said...

I LOVE the layer of sugar on your kugelhopf!! I wasn't sure just how much suger Dorie meant by a "dusting", but I like your interpretation much better than mine.

Audrey said...

I'm glad you're enjoying these new recipes! I have not tried silicone pans yet, but I want to.

Anonymous said...

wow, great job! i'm super impressed that you didn't use the mixer!

bunnygirl79 said...

eunice: doughnuts are great :)!

amanda: I am great believer sweet things suppose to be "sweet" :).
My first layer of powdered sugar disappeared into melted butter layer but I covered my Kugelhopf with next layer when butter had absorbed, so you can actually SEE sugar layer.

audrey: I used to be skeptical about silicon pans but since this was the only suitable in store and it rained, I bought it :). It's very easy to get cake out of silicon pan though.

happytummy: I am just plain lazy, that's why I didn't use mixer :). My grandmother never used mixer, at least I don't remember her using it but her baking was always delicious.

Kimberly Johnson said...

Your kugelhopf looks delicious!

AmyRuth said...

Oh...so pretty. Silcon pan worked well and didn't stick? Way to go. Triumphs in baking with Dorie.
Welcome to the TWD crew. Happy Baking

TeaLady said...

This looks yummy to me. Great job.